If you deal with people, you need to know what makes them tick! You need to know how to predict and influence their behavior with surgical precision.


Professionals in all fields: Managers, Executives, Coaches, Partners, Account Executives, Salespeople, Marketing Staff, Recruiters, Investigators, Trainers, and everyone else who works with people, all  need to know exactly what makes a specific person or group tick.

Rodger Bailey, MS has developed a way of predicting exactly what you can expect from a person and exactly how you can motivate and influence their behavior and he wants you to benefit from his approach. Look who else is using this:


LAB Profile 2.0™Tony Robbins wrote chapters about how to do this in his ‘Power’ books in the ’80s. And, Tony has been teaching some of these techniques in his seminars and workshops, worldwide, for decades.  But, Tony did not learn about this from the developer, Rodger Bailey. Instead, Tony learned about it from one of those who had taken one of Rodger’s training programs.


LAB Profile 2.0™

LAB Profile 2.0™

Shelle Rose Charvet wrote two books about how to do this in her books, “The Customer is Bothering Me” &  “Words That Change Minds”. But, Shelle did not learn about this approach from Rodger Bailey (who developed this way of recognizing behavior patterns in conversations). She learned it from someone Rodger taught and she has been teaching and writing about it for decades.


LAB Profile 2.0™Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James wrote about it in “Time Line Therapy and The Basis Of Personality,” which has become a standard reference in one branch of psychotherapy. But, Tad did not take a training program with Rodger and Wyatt only took one day of a two-day training with Rodger Bailey. They have been writing about it and teaching it for decades.



LAB Profile 2.0™

Marvin Sadovsky wrote about this approach, which he applied specifically to sales and marketing, in “Selling The Way Your Customer Buys.” Marvin did take a complete training with Rodger Bailey in ’91 and he has been consulting and training internationally with it on sales, marketing, and business topics since then.


Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™Rodger Bailey, MS started his development work on this material in 1979 and at that time he created a set of techniques which is now called the Language And Behavior Profile or LAB Profile.

Rodger’s overall focus is about Brain Function And Behavior: He has degrees in Anthropology and Counseling with post-grad studies in Linguistics. But before he started university, he had an 18 year career in electronics and computer hardware and software (mostly with IBM).  This combination of education and work experience gives him a unique understanding of how our brains work, how it interacts with our bodies and our language, and which kinds of specific interventions achieve the desired outcomes in business and organizational settings.

Rodger teaches what makes people tick and how you can recognize it in conversations.



Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™Rodger has been consulting in LAB Profile techniques and approaches with a variety of organizations and businesses internationally since 1980. He has traveled extensively in this work providing training and consulting with organizations large and small throughout the Americas and Europe. Here is a sample of those he has worked with:

Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™ Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™ Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™ Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™

Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™ Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™





Rodger Bailey, MS and the LAB Profile 2.0™

In 2001, Rodger started exploring the application of his development outside that business and organizational focus. He and Isabel have developed protocols for successfully recovering children with developmental disorders and have recovered many dozens.

He also has worked in improving athletic performance by tweaking certain brain characteristics. Many professional and amateur athletes have risen to the top of their leagues in precision and overall performance by working with him.

And of course, all of these developments and accomplishments are based in his overall work in Brain Function and Behavior and his substantial knowledge and experience in what makes people tick.



How can you get the LAB Profile training from Rodger Bailey?

In 2016, Rodger decided to create an online LAB Profile training program for people around the world who want to learn the LAB Profile from the developer. His new online version includes the original topics and techniques, as well as a significant number of improvements, all of which make up the LAB Profile 2.0™, which his developer’s mind has delivered in the LAB Profile technology over the last 35 years.



Introducing The LAB Profile 2.0™ Taught By The Developer, Rodger Bailey, MS

This is a study-at-your-own-pace, online program, which teaches 17 categories of language and behavior. It is taught in 12 Sessions and includes Rodger narrating his lectures, explaining the teaching examples of real people answering questions, and even some whole interview practice examples so you can integrate what you have learned in the individual sessions of the course. Of course, you really learn this material by practicing every pattern from every Session.

Those who complete this program will have learned how to find out what makes a person tick and what to do about it.

What if you can have a 10 minute conversation with someone and identify 17 unique ways that this person thinks and acts? What if you could learn how to do all this at your own pace, with loads of practical training and practice?